Our Story

Lowell Lundstrom Ministries was launched in 1961 after it's founder, Lowell Lundstrom, graduated from college. Though the couple began their evangelistic music ministry traveling in a little Nash Rambler station wagon the ministry soon grew tremendously - for many years their eight-member team traveled in two buses over 300 days a year. For two decades they held interdenominational outreaches, seminars, and rallies in cities all over the United States and Canada.

Besides the outreaches and road ministry, Lowell Lundstrom ministries has always had a significant presence in the media. For over 20 years "Message for America," a 30-minute weekly radio program written and recorded by Lowell and Connie, was aired on as many as 170 radio stations. Lowell and his daughter Lisa also co-hosted "Lowell Live," a radio call-in show. The ministry was also known for their national one-hour television programs, especially their Christmas specials. For 12 years "The Lundstroms" weekly television program reached millions in the United States and Canada. More recently Lowell and Connie had begun producing a 15-minute weekly Internet podcast entitled "Good News Radio Show."

In 1996 Lowell and his wife Connie started Celebration Church in the South Metro of Minneapolis with a focus on evangelism and outreach, a ministry that is still thriving and is now under the leadership of Pastors Derrick and Dana Ross. Lowell Lundstrom Ministries is estimated to have led over one million people to Jesus Christ through it's preaching, music, literature, crusades, and radio and television programs. For over 50 years this ministry has been focused on seeking and saving the lost, no matter where they might be found.

Lowell Lundstrom

Lowell was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 28, 1939. He moved with his parents and brothers to Peever, South Dakota and grew up working on the family farm in the 1940's. When he was only 14 years old Lowell started a rock and roll band and in doing so met his new guitar player and future wife, Connie Brown. Lowell said that the first time he heard her sing he loved her alto voice so much he immediately asked her to join his band. It was as a result of Connie's influence that Lowell committed his life to Jesus Christ.

Lowell’s ministry began on April 7, 1957 when he gave his heart to Jesus while attending a service at Connie’s church in Sisseton, South Dakota. The first words he said when he got up from the altar were: “Wait ‘til everybody hears about this!” Lowell and Connie were married on June 14, 1957 and dedicated the rest of their lives to sharing the great Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lowell often said the passions of his heart were summed up like this: his God, his girl, and his guitar.

Lowell and Connie attended Lakewood Park Bible School (now Trinity Bible College). In 1961 he graduated from North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lowell became an ordained minister and went on to become an honored and respected leader in the Assemblies of God fellowship. Lowell and Connie had 4 children - Londa, Lisa, L.J. and Lance. The Lundstrom family along with Lowell's brothers (Larry and Leon) and their families crisscrossed the United States and Canada by bus, holding interdenominational crusades and evangelistic outreaches.

Lowell was a world-class communicator, a prolific musician and a writer. He wrote more than 600 gospel songs, produced 60 music albums and wrote 15 books. In 2005, he was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. He also served as president and chancellor of Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota for 10 years. Although he often appeared before massive crowds at rallies and crusades, Lowell never missed an opportunity to lead one person to Jesus - his passion for the lost was his driving force in life. He communicated the Gospel with a combination of humor, sincerity, and practical Biblical truth. Lowell was committed to reaching every last person for Christ - he often said, “You can’t retire while hell’s on fire!”

At the age of 72, on July 20th, 2012 Lowell went home to heaven. He was with family members when he died in his home in Savage, Minnesota after a long, courageous battle with Parkinson’s. His home-going came just seven months after the death of his beloved wife Connie, his lifelong partner in ministry.

Currently there is a book being written about Lowell's life and ministry entitled: “Wait ‘til everybody hears about this!”

Connie Lundstrom

Connie grew up on a farm in South Dakota. She described her early life this way:

My childhood was very happy. We lived in a three-room house--a kitchen, living room/bedroom and another bedroom--with no electricity or bathroom. Mom's cooking and baking on the old wood stove were the best-especially the bread and cookies and cakes which were made from our own fresh milk and butter. I enjoyed what my dad called 'goose chases' when we'd drive through the country stopping at farms to see if they had a piece of equipment or livestock for sale. Growing up on the farm was fun and a quiet, peaceful existence.

When Connie was a sophomore in high school she met Lowell at a country rock talent contest. They began to date and were married in 1957. Lowell had said that she was "the queen of his life." She and Lowell attended four years of Bible college together at what is now Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota. Both were good students: Connie was elected valedictorian and Lowell salutatorian of their class. After graduating the two began a ministry that would last for over 50 years.
Connie had four children (Londa, Lisa, Lowell Jr. and Lance) and five grandchildren (Chase, Conor, Reagan, Grace and Zeke). The Lundstrom children all grew up traveling with the ministry team, participating in crusades and rallies and living much of their life on the road. Connie wrote about the many challenges and blessings of this itinerant lifestyle in her book "My Home The Highway."

In 1986 Connie recorded a music album simply entitled "Connie." Lowell said that the first time he heard the album it touched his  heart so deeply that he broke down and cried. A passionate cook, in 2007 Connie completed her tenth cookbook: Fiftieth Anniversary Cookbook, Sharing Secret Family Recipes from Our Partners and Friends. Additionally Connie was a great writer and composed much of the content for their monthly newsletter, The Lundstrom Frontline Report. In 2010, Connie published her last book "7 Secrets for Your 70's."

After a long battle with cancer Connie went home to be with the Lord on December 13, 2011.